Mark Fisher. Skiing a First Descent.

Mark Fisher. Skiing a First Descent.

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Sage Cattabriga-Alosa skiing a first descent near Petersburg, Alaska while filming with TGR for their upcoming film, "Light the Wick."

This image is part of Gail Buckland’s restrospective: who shot sports, a photographic history 1843-present and part of a 3-year international museum tour that kicked off at the Brooklyn museum of fine art in 2017

Mark Fisher is an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, director, and D.P. An athlete, former international mountain guide, and avid traveler, Mark thrives in tropical and urban jungles alike, consistently creating decisive, authentically powerful still and motion content that tells stories in ways no one else can.

From the documenting the Summit of Everest to directing complex international commercials for companies like CBS in South America or filming commercial lifestyle advertising campaigns in the streets of Venice or New York, Mark is comfortable using a myriad of still and motion camera systems and is an FAA certified drone pilot as well as a private pilot. 

Follow Mark on Instagram @fishercreative.

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