Dina Litovsky. St Francis Blessing.

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St Francis Blessing of the Animals at St John Cathedral.

Daniel, an 18 year old horse, is being led out of St John's cathedral after the blessing of the animals.

Every October, animals big and small are brought to the Upper West Side to be blessed in honor of Saint Francis, their proclaimed patron saint.  That year, the Procession of the Animals consisted of, among other creatures, a spider, a rat, a hawk, a cow, a horse, a couple of owls, a camel and a white horse.

During the ceremony of St Francis, the social constructs that go into dividing animals into sub-groups — pets vs. livestock, cute vs. disgusting ­— partly dissolved. Such distinctions became irrelevant and for one brief day, all animals became equal.

Dina Litovsky is a Ukrainian-born photographer living in New York City since 1991. Dina's imagery can be described as visual sociology. Her work explores the idea of leisure, often focusing on subcultures and social gatherings.

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