Andy Mann. Big Paw.

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Svalbard, Norway

Photographed on a cold blustery arctic day in Svalbard, Norway. After waiting patiently for a few hours behind the lens for this polar bear to wake from its slumber on a snow bank, he woke up and (of course) walked in the opposite direction from me. Feeling slightly defeated I snapped a few “courtesy frames” of the bear as he walked up and over the hill. It was later that night, when looking closer at the image in my camera, that I noticed the magic of the single black paw against the Arctic white landscape. 

Andy Mann is cofounder of SeaLegacy, an Emmy-nominated Director, 12 time Telly-Award Winner, National Geographic Photographer & marine conservationist whose imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet. Having worked on all 7 continents, Andy’s imagery is remarkably memorable, reminding us how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.

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