Aaron Huey. Ushguli Sunset.

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Sunlight strikes the medieval towers of Ushguli, Georgia, in the mountainous region known as Svanetia.  Here live a people that were known as "the Children of the Sun" for worshiping the Sun God, Lile’. This small community of around 200 is the highest continuously inhabited village in Europe, where ancient traditions continue to flourish and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ushguli is one of those places that is straight out of a storybook – it seems to be paused in time. Behind it is Skhara the highest peak in Georgia at around 17,000 feet high, shrouded in clouds.  Shot on assignment for National Geographic magazine.

Aaron Huey is an American photographer, explorer, activist, and storyteller. He is known for his work as a photographer with National Geographic, for whom he has shot many magazine features on a diverse array of subjects from adventure, to war, to wildlife. Aaron is the founder of the Amplifier Foundation, a design lab that builds art to amplify the voices of grassroots movements.

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