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Tony Wu's lifelong association with the sea started when he was a child. A crab pinched his toe, and it was love at first ouch. Now that he's (somewhat) grown up, Tony devotes most of his time to researching and documenting rarely seen marine animals and environments, spending more days at sea that he does on land. Tony owns more pairs of fins than he does shoes.

Prior to Covid, Tony devoted the bulk of his time to the challenging pursuits of photographing large cetaceans such as humpbacks, sperm whales and blue whales, as well as documenting spawning aggregations, which are essentially orgies involving thousands of sex-crazed fish. Since early 2020, he has kept busy exploring the varied and diverse marine environments of Japan, which encompass everything from tropical to Arctic environments, as well as many unique habitats in between.

Tony’s philosophy for observing and documenting nature is encapsulated in his motto ars gratia scientiae, which translates from Latin as art for the sake of knowledge. When not at sea, Tony invests much of his time reading books, articles and scientific papers relevant to his chosen subjects. He records observations and shares information with researcher friends. Tony also writes about nature and engages in public speaking often (in English and Japanese), preferring when possible to invest time interacting with children.

Tony has received a number of prestigious awards, including Grand Prize in Japan's largest underwater photography contest, the prize for Best Book of the Year at the Festival of Marine Images in Antibes, and first place in the Underwater and Behaviour: Mammals categories of the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.

Follow Tony on Instagram at @tonywu98