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Tomás Munita (Chile, 1975) is a documentary freelance photographer with a primary interest on social and environmental issues.  He has been a regular contributor for The New York Times covering news internationaly during 13 years, and has worked for several other leading magazines like National Geographic, Geo, Time, Stern, New York Times Magazine, Der Spiegel and others. 

He has won several awards, including 4 World Press Photo, Leica’s Oskar Barnack, Henri Nannen, Visa D’or Daily News, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, All Roads, Latin American Photographer of the Year (PoyLatam), 2nd Photographer of the Year (POYi), Chris Hondros, Overseas Press Award, ICP Young Photographer Award and Rodrigo Rojas award.   

He is based in southern Chile. 

Follow Tomás on Instagram at @tomas.munita.