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Mr. Thomas Vijayan is basically an Architect; photography is his passion and not his profession. He has traveled around the world, covering all the seven continents for photography.  He gives more importance to quality frames than quantity hence he is always in search of a good frame that has life in it, that can bring a smile on one’s face.

Big cats have always been his favorite subject for photography. Of late he has also photographed the rarest of the rarest Amur Tiger, followed by the Amur Leopard, Amur Leopard Cat, and many others species.  He says, “For him there is nothing called "perfection" in photography, every click to him is a new learning”. His love for nature is immense; he says he never gets bored staying in nature for long. He says only when we spend more time we will start admiring its beauty and we will feel the need to save them for our future generation.

Photography to him is a combination of his love for nature, travel, practice, patience, passion, care, friends, and gear; he considers this as a blessing of God that allowed him to witness the special moments in nature. He has received over 1000+ awards; He is also the Brand Ambassador for one of the most renowned brands, Nikon from the past 5 years representing the Middle East & Africa.

Follow Thomas on Instagram at @thomasvijayan