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National Geographic Explorer Ronan Donovan’s love of the natural world was born, as he was, in rural Vermont in the cabin his parents built. Ronan inherited a healthy sense of curiosity and wanderlust from his parents, who after crossing the Atlantic in a 35-foot sailboat, chose to raise their two boys closer to the natural world in the forests of New England.

A wildlife biologist turned photographer, Ronan’s inquisitiveness for the natural world and his obsession with learning about our fellow social mammals led him to all seven continents. He’s had malaria three times, hiked volcanoes to photograph mountain gorillas, spent a year in Africa’s equatorial jungle researching chimpanzees, lived for a year inside Yellowstone National Park documenting the lives of gray wolves and recently returned from the High Arctic where he spent the summer filming a pack of wild Arctic wolves for the series Planet Earth.

Follow Ronan on Instagram at @ronan_donovan.