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Marco Ronconi is a nature and wildlife photographer specialized in nordic wildlife and landscapes. He was born in 1984 and is based in northern Italy. His fine art prints have been exhibited in galleries and images featured in magazines across Europe. 

Marco's photographic vision focuses on capturing suggestions and emotions using light and elements such as snow, ice and myst. He tries to celebrate the pristine beauty of a landscape or the fleeting encounter with wildlife, with simplicity, giving as much importance to the unseen and is left to the imagination. HIs approach to nature photography is more artistic and philosophical, than scientific.

For Marco photography is not about a specific environment or animal species but rather about the way those opposite elements such as dark and bright or empty and full spaces, relate to each other creating a subtle yet very strong suggestion. Recently Marco has created his own publishing house “Kamui publishing”, to promote his projects and books.  

Follow Marco on Instagram at @marcoronconi_.