Bastiaan Woudt. Manisa. Limited Edition.

Bastiaan Woudt. Manisa. Limited Edition.

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Manisa from "Peak".

Edition: 3/10

In “Peak” photographer Bastiaan Woudt travels through the mountains of Nepal for a month. An expedition of 26 days takes him to the often uninhabited areas around Mount Annapurna, where he climbs up to almost 6000 meters. It results in a document that shows not only the landscapes and still lifes but also the proud Nepalese people he encounters along the way.

Bastiaan Woudt (1987, NL) is a sought-after photographer that started a mere ten years ago without formal training. Besides his raw talent, he owes his rise in the art world to a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial edge as he founded 1605 collective, his own publishing house.

Follow Bastiaan on instagram @bastiaanwoudt.

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