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Jonathan Z Lee’s rise in the world of photography has been meteoric, as his works immediately command attention and strike an emotional chord. The universal appeal of his images stem partly from his nomadic life - Jonathan was born in Singapore, but left at an early age, living in Beijing, Hong Kong, California, Florence, and New York City. With the natural world and its inhabitants as his muse, Jonathan exudes a relentlessness to commit to a concept, with constant dissatisfaction of the status-quo. He does not create images you have seen before. His style is deeply rooted in both the emotional and the existential, with influences ranging from high renaissance art to the sacred texts like The Upanishads and Tao Te Ching. Many have described his works as eliciting three primary feelings - reverence, humility, and melancholy. Jonathan often describes his portfolio as a meditation on our place in the natural world. His aim is help unlock a deeper consciousness, helping viewers achieve harmony between mind and nature.

Jonathan Z Lee has been published by the likes of National Geographic, Vanity Fair, BBC Earth, Rue Magazine, and House Beautiful. His works are displayed in galleries and homes spanning 5 continents. Proceeds from his works help support frontline conservation efforts including partnerships with notable NGOs such as SeaLegacy and African Parks Network.

Follow Jonathan Z Lee on Instagram at @jonathanzlee