Jari Peltomäki

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    Jari Peltomäki is a professional wildlife photographer and founder & chairman of the board of Finnature Ltd, Finland’s leading wildlife tour operator. He lives in Oulu, Finland. He has been taking photographs over 40 years, and he turned professional about 20 years ago. Bird photography is his passion and my favorite subjects to photograph are owls. His photo library includes other wildlife as well, taken both in Finland and abroad.

    Jari Peltomäki's photographic work has been used worldwide and he have co-published several books of birds and photography. One of the most widely distributed book of his has been Handbook of Bird Photography (together with Markus Varesvuo and Bence Mate)- since it has been published in Finnish, German, French, English and Chinese! His photographs has been regularly awarded in international competitions: including Wildlife Photographer of the Year several times. He has judged many photography competitions in recent years including Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012, GDT´s European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 and Finnish Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 competitions.

    He was chairman of the Professional Nature Photographers of Finland 2007- 2013 and is still member of this association. He has been board member of Finnish Nature Photographers association for several years and was chairman of local Nature conservation association in Liminka for many years. He is the founding member of Friends of Liminka Bay association and he has been active in earlier years in several birdwatching associations. 

    He is an Olympus Visionary photographer from 2016 onwards.

    He was a Nikon ambassador for Finland 2012- 2016.

    Follow Jari on Instagram at @jari_peltomaki