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Known for his intimate and aesthetically dramatic compositions, Florian Ledoux's distinctive fine art photography is born out of his passion for the preservation of nature, specifically of the Arctic. His camera lenses are the portals through which he communicates his emotions with the world.

As a self-taught, he developed his passion until it became strong enough to become a photo reporter in the French military navy. In parallel, he started his own project in Greenland. There is no doubt that the beauty of nature, the search for isolated and wild places took him there.

Florian’s artworks celebrate the beauty of the frozen continents, its incredible wildlife inhabiting the ice edge, powerful but yet so fragile, and the enormous importance they bear for the survival of our entire planet and all living species, by continually producing exceptional immersive visuals that draw the viewer into his sustainable development journey.

He is a curious, engaged, and caring individual who has committed his personal and professional life to sustainable environmental protection. Florian’s work is inspiring and motivating and presents an intimacy that showcases a deep relationship with the Polar regions. Each of his photographs tells a story of the fragility of life on this planet.

His work has been published internationally in such magazines and books as National Geography, Time US, Geo, Paris Match, BBC A perfect Planet, Netflix Our Planet.

Follow Florian on Instagram at @florian_ledoux_photographer