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Clement Kiragu, is an Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer and Canon Ambassador from Kenya. 

Before getting into full-time Photography in 2016, Clement worked in advertising for 10 years as an Art Director. His journey into the arts began when he studied fine art in college which led him into the advertising world. These worlds had a lot of influence on his fine art approach to photography. 

Within that short time, his wildlife work has won him on international Award. He has joined the community of top world travelers and storytellers in the Canon Europe Ambassador program, his work has also been published by many international publications such as NatGeo, NatGeo Fine Art, The Mirror, Daily Mail, Africa Geo just to mention a few. In 2017 he won the "Africa's Photographer of the Year 2017" award; a competition run by a South African Luxury Travel Company called Rhino Africa. The title also came with the opportunity of being a judge in the 2018 competition. In 2019 and 2020, Clement contributed to world-renowned wildlife photographer Margot Raggett's fourth book in the series "Remembering wildlife" named "Remembering Lions" and "Remembering Cheetahs" consecutively which has had a huge contribution to protecting the Big Cats on our planet. Clement has contributed to the new Big 5 Project and is now on the Advisory Board of the Prints for Wildlife conservation fundraiser project which raised over $600,000 last last year. 

Just to give you some context, Clement was born in a small beautiful country on the eastern edge of the African continent called Kenya. Yes, the land of the greatest athletes on our planet and spectacular wildlife. 

Follow Clement on Instagram at @clementkiragu